Letter to the City regarding the 2021 Budget

Below is a letter submitted by the CHARA board pertaining to the 2021 City of Ottawa Budget process.

                             Carleton Heights and Area Residents Association 

July 15, 2020

To His Worship, the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, the City Councillors, and City Managers:

I am writing to you today on behalf of the Carleton Heights and Area Residents’ Association (CHARA) in River Ward. We understand that these are difficult times and have created unique challenges for the city, especially when it comes to the budgetary process. In light of this we understand there will be difficult decisions to make in the upcoming budget. We are aware the Planning Department and Finance Services Department will present solutions regarding the forecasted 2020 deficit of $192 million. Our association sincerely hopes the Mayor, the Councillors and City Managers will take the following into consideration:

  1. That there be as much transparency in the process as possible. That there be good justification given for each decision and that the priorities of the city are clear to its constituents.
  2. That well being and quality of life of all citizens would be considered of utmost importance.
  3. Along with that, the health of all citizens would be given due consideration until this pandemic, and its various effects are over.
  4. Safety of all citizens, would be a priority.  There are a range of threats to safety in our city: some in our city deal with gang violence, others are threatened from degraded infrastructure, some from the effects of homelessness, some from dangerous interactions on our roads, and many more. We ask that where there is a significant risk to safety, that mitigating these risks would be a priority in the process.

Our association knows you will receive many ideas and suggestions on what and where to cut in the budget, but we thought it appropriate to ask as a minimum that Transparency, People, Health, and Safety be prioritized.

On behalf of CHARA, thank you for your consideration of these matters.

Darren Dicks,

President CHARA