ODR Season is just around the corner!

CHARA is your community association and we run and maintain the neighbourhood rink.  We have an opportunity for you to get involved in our neighbourhood. We are looking for people to assist in the maintenance and supervision of our community rink.

Positions needed:

Rink Preparation/Maintenance Coordinator:  Over see snow clearing and flooding of the rink. Coordinate with volunteers and Rink Operations manager. One person needed

Maintenance: Take a turn to clear snow or flood as needed.  We need enough people to have two or three people at a time and to take two or three shifts for the season

Coordinator of Rink Supervisors: oversee the operating supervision and ensure official hours are staffed. One person needed (I am ok with you doing this Jody. Just included it if you didn’t really want to)

Rink Supervisor: Provide supervision during official hours – 2-3 hour per shift- 5-10 people needed

More detailed job descriptions can be found here:

Every volunteer will be receiving a new CHARA toque.  (Facsimile below) or you can buy them for $30. Email info@ourchara.ca to sign up

Community Rink

What does it take to build the community rink? It takes a village. Naw, just kidding you. It takes volunteers.

At the beginning of the season volunteers are required to: help clear away the leaves and debris in order to prepare the base ice. As well throughout the rink season the work involves snow clearing, patching and flooding. We have a leaf blower (though the kindness of a neighbour) and CHARA owns a snowblower too! For volunteer work descriptions click here.

The ice rink is supervised during the following hours.

  • Monday to Friday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

Operates from December 15 to February 28 if weather permits.

Rink Manual 2016. (intense reading)

Why I volunteer

Jody: I volunteer at CHARA to build the community by organizing and providing activities and services all neighbours can participate in.  I attend CHARA meetings to learn about community safety concerns, councillor priorities, and city roadwork and to keep informed about what’s happening in the community.

Yvele: One reason why I volunteer is because I like people.  I think knowing people not only in my neighbourhood but also in the wider community, gives me a sense of security. I like recognizing faces such as those I met at the community BBQ in July.  Monthly meetings are always interesting whether it is discussing the building of the skating rink or listening to and commenting on a report from our ward councillor.   Some issues brought to the attention of CHARA are serious, such as, properties being developed that change the landscape of the neighbourhood.